The main resourses of rural livelihoods

To work for sustainable development of tribal and rural areas by conservation and management of natural resourses.


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Natural endowments in an agro-ecosystem not only contribute to sustainable food security but are considered the main resources of rural livelihoods. Interaction of several factors in the global climate change scenario has markedly limited the capability of agriculture and has threatened natural resources base due to the rapidly growing biotic pressure. The pressure is rising and there is limited public support for conservation and management of the natural resources. Factors such as deforestation, land degradation and water scarcity especially as the result of human activities have adversely affected the productivity of all agricultural and natural ecosystems. Loss of vegetative cover is one of the main reasons for soil degradation which is hastened by extensive removal of forests, overgrazing, cultivation on sloping lands, removal of biomass from ground cover and human activities have made the soil exposed to forces of the rain and the wind to degradation.

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The Science Foundation for Tribal and Rural Resource Development

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General Research Priorities

  • Studies on the Taxonomy, Molecular Taxonomy, Cytotaxonomy Chemotaxonomy on (a) Typhoniums (Araceae) (b) Combretaceae (c) Elaeocarpaceae (d) Olacaceae (e) Other important selected plant species

  • Bioassays of the bioactive compounds/ molecules from plants for medical and agricultural applications.

  • Evaluation of oils and fats for biofuel, biocide, cosmoceutical and nutraceutical applications.

  • Cloning of Rare, Endangered and Threatened (RET) plant species for Conservation and Research.

  • Botanic Garden and Research Institute for Conservation and Research on plant sciences.

  • Survey, documentation and characterization of plant resources in selected pockets, Odisha.

Focus Areas

Products Developed

Fruiting habit of Olax scandens
Ripe Olax Fruits
Argemone mexicana in Flower
Ethanol from Fermented Pulp
Seed of Argemone mexicana
Crude and Modified Olax Oil